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Shimla, Nov.2 Ritanjali Hastir

On one hand, the education minister of the state got infected with the corona virus and on the other state is all set to open the schools from Today. The decision of the government has put people in a big dilemma about whether to send or not to send their children to their schools.

“I am not sure whether I want to go to school or not anymore as it is all dependent upon my family. I personally want to visit the school if given an opportunity. Online classes have been there but it never gave the same feeling”, says Muskaan student of class X Dayanand School Shimla.

On the other hand, there are some students like Diyanka Thakur of one of the reputed schools who feel “It is more comfortable to be home and study rather than going out. To be honest it is more about being home and at ease rather than comfort for me. If given an opportunity I would rather stay home forever than going back to school.”

Whereas teachers and principals have a different outlook toward the same as Dr. Meera Singh Principal and owner of Laureate Public School shared, “I personally feel it is a good idea to open schools with regular classes. We have proper facilities to conduct classes as per SOPs. We are telling parents to at least send weak students to school so that they can be focused upon. Even calling back a hundred percent staff has been a blessing as teachers are able to have their personal time out once school is over. They are conducting online classes from the school campus.”

Seema Mehat Principal Sawrn Public and Micheal John Principal Auckland House School for Boys school shared both feel that the idea is not feasible as parents are not willing to send their children to school and if only a few come then there is no point asking teachers to come to school for teaching.

On the contrary, Rama Principal Government School Phagli said, “Physical classes are very important for a student as a Mother even I would encourage my children to go to school as being at home all the time is not the solution.  We are encouraging parents to send their child to school so that they can get back to normal life. We have all the arrangements made as per the SOPs issued by the government and collective efforts from all will even make the classroom look normal like any other place.”

It is an open secret that most of the children are out in the open either playing, visiting relatives, restaurants, or in the market with their friends. However, when it comes to coming to schools everyone raises their brow as many school managements feel Corona is not living in school alone. If they are fine roaming around all over the nation for leisure and attending online classes then, traveling locally to the school will do no harm either.

Pandemic is making some students lazy and inactive as they are more comfortable sitting at home without any fear of teachers, checking, or any physical activity as commented by Reena Sharma, Teacher KV School.



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