Vikram aditya singh -
Vikram aditya singh -

Uniform Civil Code being used as a distraction from real issues-Vikramaditya Singh

Shimla, July 1

In a candid statement today, PWD Minister Vikramditya Singh revealed that the Congress, the primary opposition party, would support the Uniform Civil Code if it were tabled in Parliament. However, he emphasized that the BJP’s current focus on the UCC was only an attempt to divert citizens’ attention from more pressing matters, such as rampant unemployment and the continuously declining GDP.

Singh raised concerns over BJP’s diversionary tactics amidst crucial national issues and questions the party’s priorities, over the  matter of tabling the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). “During the 2014 and 2019 elections, we witnessed similar diversion tactics when the BJP centered their campaigns around Article 370 and the Ram Mandir issue,” said Minister Singh. “Now, the focus is being shifted to the Uniform Civil Code, while critical issues like unemployment and economic growth are being neglected.”

Singh further pointed out that the state of Himachal Pradesh was not receiving the cooperation it should expect from the central government. He highlighted the reduction of Himachal’s loan limit, which BJP leaders have failed to address adequately.

“At present, the burning issues in the country demand urgent attention and meaningful discussions,” Minister Singh urged. “It is crucial that we prioritize topics like unemployment, falling GDP, and ensuring the well-being of our states, rather than indulging in diversionary tactics.”

The Uniform Civil Code has been a longstanding subject of debate in India, aiming to replace personal laws based on religious practices with a unified set of laws applicable to all citizens regardless of their faith. The proposal has sparked both support and opposition across the political spectrum, with proponents arguing for equality and opponents raising concerns about cultural and religious rights.


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