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Himachal Govt forms Cabinet Sub-Committee to pursue stake in Chandigarh, vows legal battle if needed

Shimla, July 1

In a significant development, the Himachal Pradesh government has taken a decisive step towards securing its stake in Chandigarh, as demanded by the state for a considerable period. Led by Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, the government has formed a cabinet sub-committee to address this longstanding issue and ensure Himachal Pradesh’s rightful share in Chandigarh.

The sub-committee, presided over by Agriculture Minister Chandra Kumar, consists of two other key ministers. Industries Minister Harshvardhan Chauhan and Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi have been appointed as members of the committee. Their primary objective is to examine the provisions of the Punjab Reorganization Act and assess how Himachal Pradesh can acquire its rightful share in Chandigarh.

Once the sub-committee completes its investigation, it will present a comprehensive report to the state government, outlining the proposed measures to be undertaken. Additionally, the government intends to take up this matter with the central government, highlighting the historical and substantial contributions made by Himachal Pradesh towards the establishment and development of Chandigarh.

Undeterred by previous setbacks, the Himachal Pradesh government has also declared its readiness to engage in a legal battle to secure the state’s rights in Chandigarh. Talking about it Public Works Department Minister Vikramaditya Singh emphasized the significance of Himachal’s land contributions to Chandigarh, paralleling those of Punjab and Haryana. Despite consistent efforts and periodic appeals by successive state governments, Himachal Pradesh has yet to receive its rightful share in Chandigarh.

He said that the committee will extensively analyze the matter, compile reports, and subsequently present them to the relevant authorities. Based on the report the government will pursue this matter with the central government and if need be, then exhaust all legal options available to secure Himachal Pradesh’s rightful stake in Chandigarh, he added.

Noteworthy that besides Punjab and Haryana, the hill has also been demanding its claim on the UT. The issue has made news number of times during different government regimes. The last was in 2022, when former MP Rajan Sushant had claimed that as per the Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966, Himachal has 7.19 per cent right on Chandigarh.



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