A shot of the Manali Leh highway taken in June 2022

Melting Snow Triggers Sudden Rise in Chandrabhaga River; Farmers Suffer Losses

Shimla, June 30

The Jabron village in the Lahaul sub-division of Himachal Pradesh’s tribal district, Lahaul-Spiti, has been grappling with a relentless rise in water levels in the Chandrabhaga river for the past seven-eight days. The local farmers are bearing the brunt of this calamity as their lands remain submerged, resulting in an estimated loss of Rs 80,000.
According to the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), this flood-like situation in Jabron village is not a consequence of rainfall, but rather an aftermath of melting snow on the higher peaks. The sudden surge in water levels has caught the residents off guard, leaving the agricultural lands inundated and causing significant damage.
In response to the crisis, the Lahaul-Spiti administration has swiftly taken action by instructing the deployment of Patwari and other officials to the affected area. Their primary objective is to assess and gather comprehensive information about the extent of the damages incurred by the flood, aiming to provide timely aid and relief to the affected farmers.
Meanwhile, in a separate incident in Mandi district, a powerful storm this afternoon led to the branch of a Peepal tree breaking off and crashing onto the roof of a house. The house and terrace of Nishant, a resident of Dasiun Dhatoli Panchayat Khudla, suffered severe damages due to the impact. Fortunately, Nishant, who was present at the scene, sustained only minor injuries.
The unexpected fall of the tree branch serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather-related events. Authorities are reminded to remain vigilant and ensure the safety of residents during such occurrences.
As the Lahaul-Spiti district deals with the aftermath of the sudden flood and Mandi district grapples with the aftermath of the storm-induced damage, efforts are underway to assess the losses, provide assistance to the affected individuals, and restore normalcy to the regions affected by these unfortunate incidents.


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