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Stunning Dharamshala stadium to host five Cricket World Cup clashes

Shimla, June 29

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In a recent announcement by the International Cricket Council (ICC), it has been confirmed that the picturesque Dharamshala International cricket stadium will host five highly anticipated World Cup matches.

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) expresses their delight and gratitude to the BCCI and ICC for granting them this esteemed opportunity, stated Mohit Sud, a spokesperson of the association.

Despite facing intermittent challenges posed by unpredictable Himachal rains, the HPCA, in collaboration with expert engineers from Holland and the UK, has successfully completed the necessary preparations for the matches in a record time of 75 days. The success of hosting IPL matches last month served as a testament to the exceptional quality of the ground.

One of the noteworthy advancements introduced by HPCA is the cutting-edge SIS Air system, an advanced air evacuation mechanism that combines the stunning cold-season Ryegrass and shade-tolerant fine leaf Paspalam grass, he informed. This innovative technology ensures the swift removal of excess rainwater while maintaining the overall health of the grass. The implementation of Ryegrass, which commenced in September last year, followed precise seeding practices and temperature adjustments to thrive during both winter and summer seasons.

Additionally, the outfield has been enhanced with an artificial grass perimeter, enabling smooth movement for various agencies during matches while preserving the integrity of the playing surface. With these significant transformations, the Dharamshala ground can resume play within just 15 minutes of inclement weather, surpassing the time taken to remove and replace wicket covers at many other cricket centers across the country.

The venue has garnered widespread acclaim for its excellent infrastructure, making it an ideal setting for the gentleman’s game. Its breathtaking location against the backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar mountains further adds to the allure of this cricketing haven.

As cricket lovers around the globe eagerly await the start of the World Cup in October 2023, HPCA stands ready to host these prestigious matches with utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. The association warmly invites spectators to witness this grand sporting spectacle amidst the lap of nature’s beauty in Dharamshala.


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