Narinder Bragta has been appointed as Chief Whip by the state government. However reportedly Ramesh Dawala who is a senior in party had expressed displeasure because of the move. As per Dawala him being senior should have been offered the position and Bragta should have been made Deputy Chief Whip. Whereas the government did reverse because of which Dawala refused.

However Chief minister Jairam today hinted that Dawala could be given some other position in future. On being asked about the row Jairam said ‘the one appointed Chief Whip is very happy, and the ones upset would also become happy when they shall get a position,” he added.

The Chief Minister said it while addressing media on the occasion of the launch ceremony of Ayushman Bharat.

However commenting on the timelines for likely appointments of Chairman and Vice Chairmans he said that they would only happen after the ‘Shradhs’ get over.


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