Shimla, Mar 8
As many as 1,07564 ryots switched over to Organic farming as around 5461 hectare area is brought under natural farming. This was stated by Agriculture Minister Virender Kanwar while replying to a query of BJP member Kamlesh Kumari.
He said that beside curtailing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides it helped to reduce the cost of production by 23 percent. He said that Government wanted to increase income of farmers by reducing their cost of production and they are benefited from the scheme. Minister said that exhibition of organic crops is being organized to promote.
The Government also started Subhash Palekar Natural Agriculture Program in years 2018-19 after allocating Rs 25 Cr for the new scheme. He said that 50, 000 new Farmers are also being planned to train for this farming.
36311 animals strays in Himachal
Replying to another query of Ramesh Dhawala, Minister said that under the 8th Animal census as many as 36311 stray animals were identified in the state. He said that 116 registered NGOs are involved in state to adopt the stray animals to their cow Sadans.
He said that Rs 17,13,44255 were allowed for making of Animal sanctuary in the state and three sanctuaries were developed till Jan 31,2021 after spending Rs 10,45,95612 for their construction.
Cow sanctuary constructed at Kotla Badog in Sirmaur district, Handa Kundi in Solan and Thanakalan in Una. He said that one more sanctuary is coming up in Luthna in Kangra district.
Minister said that online registration of stray animals is being done by the department and cases are being registered on the web portal of Cow Sewa Commission after tagging them.
Dhawala said that policy of Govt is not effective enough as people are releasing their idle and dry cows and livestock continuedly and the number stray animals is increasing. He alleged that some of cow Sewa Sadan are not feeding animals despite taking liberal assistance from the government. He also urged the government to also maintain the record of dead cows and animals.


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