Shimla, Dec 21

As many as 306 Institutions started by the former Jai Ram Thakur goverment just before the State polls have been denotified by the new Congress government. Notifications were issued by different departments, board and Corporations here today .
178 health Institutions (including PHCs, CHCs, Upgraded Hospitals), three -Tehsil Offices, 20 Sub Tehsils, Nine- Kanungo Circles, 79- Patwar Circles, 16- PWD Divisions, Sub-Divisions and Circle Offices and one Forest Division have also been denotified. Orders have been issued regarding by the Principal Secretary(ies) of PWD, Revenue, Forest and Health department(s).


In the matter, the government has stated that the  previous Jai Ram Thakur Government without following the economic prudence, requirements and merits/demerits announced a number of Institutions in last six months. Therefore  the new goverment has decided to close them down.

Out of 27 new PWD offices announced by the former regime, the new State government decided to close 25 . It is not certain whether such units are made functional. The staff posted in these will have to report at ENC office Shimla. Among closed PWD Institution are offices include 3rd Electrical Circle Mandi, Janjehli Circle, Chowari Division in Chamba, Jawalamukhi Division in Kangra, Nerwa and Nankhari Division, Balgar section and Sarain Subdivision of Chopal in Shimla, Makriri Subdivision of Jogindernagar, Recong-peo Subdivision of Kinnaur, and Doon division and Patta Subdivision in Solan, Khundonwala Subdivision of Poantashaib in Sirmaur,Kapahara Subdivision of Ghumerwin in Bilaspur, Section Office (BR ) Superspeciality Chamaina in Kasumpti and and Chamba.

These 3 tehsil include Udaipur of Lahaul Spiti, Bharari of Bilaspur and Krishnagarh tehsil of Solan are denotifed.

Nine Kanungo circle of revenue department include Banehardi, Raipur, Kajaun, Rajpur and Bhatanwali, Kelodhar, Bassi, Bhajaun and Sataun, Majhothi and Bhambla denotifed.

20 Tehsils including Harlog, Kalaamb Jalag, Chachiyan, Jahalmaan, Rajpur Khodonwala, Dhamavadi, Samarkot, Thali Chakki, Saho, Jury, Daulatpur Chowk, Bargaon, Baldeyan, Koti, Talai, Subathu, Matiana, Sataun and Ashla have been denotified.Harlog.Along with this, settlement office running in the from earlier Shimla and Kangra has been kept unchanged.

Former CM created Forest Division (Wild Line) Janjehli as per notification dated 22 September 2022 also denotifed.


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