Shimla, Aug 9
Covid-19 active cases mounted to 2000 in the state as the positivity rate has increased
alarmingly to 2.8. The state disaster management authority said in a press bulletin that positive active cases went up to 1962 till this morning.
There are 443 active cases in Chamba, 405 in Mandi, 284 in Shimla, 255 in Kangra, 167 in Hamirpur and 146 in Kullu. Positivity rate in Mandi is 13 to 14 which is alarming, Chamba is alarming at 7.3 border states, 3.9 in Hamirpur and 3.3 in Kullu.
Currently occupancy of Oxygenated beds are 2.1 per cent and 11.99 in ICU. There are 2289 Oxygen beds in state and 267 -ICU Beds available in the state.


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