Shimla, Feb 3

After another pandemic forced shutdown, enthused students make it to school amidst inclement weather on Thursday. The schools of H.P opened for the students of 9th to 12th classes on Thursday. Though due to the bad weather the attendance of the students was thin yet there was much enthusiasm among the students who reached the schools in the school buses or through their own vehicles .

Children were allowed to enter the school premises only after thermal screening. All preparations were completed for holding regular classes in schools during the last two days.

Earlier, all the preparations had been made by the school management from the time the children come to school to make them sit and conduct the classes. As per the instructions of the state Government and the Education Department micro plans were framed for the offline studies of the students. Sitting plans were also prepared to make the students sit keeping proper physical distance. An official told us today that only 50 percent of students of a class will be seated in a single room, according to the capacity of the school rooms. Others were accommodated in other rooms which were vacant as only senior students entered the schools for the studies from today. Prayer meetings , sports , and other gathering activities were not allowed today as per the government orders and children were made to enter their class rooms only after proper screening .

The said that the routine working in the schools started as usual and teachers and students exchanged pleasantries with each other in the classes after two months.


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