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Shimla Aug 10

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The Congress while accusing the BJP leaders of flouting the rules made on COVID 19 everywhere, demanded from the administration to register an FIR against them all of them.

State Congress Secretary Harikrishna Himral, Ved Prakash Thakur, and Yashpal Tanaik have lashed out at the BJP leaders saying that their leaders are fully responsible for the growing Corona cases in the state.

Congress leaders have strongly objected to this, saying that to spread this infection, these leaders should also be booked. The way these BJP leaders are doing their politics during the time of Pandemic is quite unfortunate.

Congress leaders have accused the state government of completely failing to deal with COVID 19 as the rise in cases of infection has brought the complete failure of the government into the light. Only Congress leaders have been booked by the police on failing to maintain SOPs whereas the government has given free hand to the BJP leaders in power.

Congress leaders have said that the Chief Minister also does not follow social distancing and during the Havan Yagya of Mahila Morcha, the social distancing norm was broken yet no action was taken against any one of them despite their complaint. It is clear that the rules of COVID 19 are only applicable to the leaders of the Congress Party and the common people.

Congress leaders have criticized the state government, saying that they have no concern with the people of the state. It is clear from the increase in electricity, water, and bus fares that this government started filling its coffers instead of giving any relief during this disaster. People are plagued by inflation. The youth is upset due to unemployment. The government has not been able to bring any such scheme in the state which will provide any relief to the common people as well as to the businessmen.



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