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Shimla, Aug 10

Kuldeep Singh

Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore has demanded from the Central Government to defer the EMI of all the people and businessmen who have taken loans from banks in Himachal Pradesh till the end of this year.

He says that this relief should be given to Himachal Pradesh under special status, because more than eighty percent of the people in the state have their own businesses; including hotels, transporters, shopkeepers, farmers and gardeners; are all from the middle class. Many have taken some loans from banks, so there is a great need to give them the relief.

Rathore said that due to Covid 19 all kinds of business activities in the state have been completely closed for the last four months. Tourism and horticulture are the main occupation in the state. The entire economy of the people in the state is dependent upon the two and considering this, all those who have taken loans in some form from banks, should continue to be exempted from depositing EMI till December this year, whose exemption period is ending this month.

Rathore has said that there is no relief to the people of the state as per the 20 lakh crores package given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even the BJP leaders who advocate this move cannot tell how much benefit the state got from it and how much relief people got from this package.

Rathore said that the state government is imposing inflation on the people. In such a situation, when the economy of the people of the state is badly affected, by increasing the electricity, water and bus fares, the government has put people’s lives in trouble. It is that if the Center has given any financial help to the state government, then what is the need to increase their values today?

Rathore gave his response to the statement of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur in which he has said that the state has suffered a loss of thirty thousand crores, Rathore said that the state government should demand special financial help from the center so that people can get some relief.




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