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The Shimla Citizen forum has strongly condemned the administration, municipal corporation and the state government for the negligence during the cremation of a youth who lost his life in IGMC Shimla and was found Corona positive.
Forum President Vijendra Mehra and Secretary Kapil Sharma termed the incident insensitiveness. Mehra said that this development has shocked the public and has made scope for a dialogue that whether such inhumanity can be allowed towards humans after death. The deceased suffering from corona was young on age. The family was deeply shocked by his death. However the administration’s insensitive and careless attitude has served to deepen the grief of the victim’s family.
It has also become evident from the incidence that government and the administration are yet to make any concrete preparations to deal with the disease. When the SDM of the city had to attend funeral without proper PPE kit kit and equipment, then the situation of the rest of the employees can be understood automatically.

He said this is a complete failure of the entire system. The reality is that by declaring an insurance cover of only fifty lakh rupees, the government has shed its foot from the health and safety of the public and health workers. This also indicates that the safety of living employees does not matter to the government, he alleged. Rather due to this insensitive functioning, employees are being mentally tortured on the one hand and on the other hand, their chances of getting physical diseased easily are increasing many more times.
Due to the fear of being unprepared the sensitivity and seriousness of the society is reducing towards the dead. The same was reflected publicly in the funeral of the recent victim Corona patient at Kanalog Shamshan Ghat in Shimla, he added. “This is extremely shameful for humanity and the government and administration are solely responsible for this shameful incident because of the lack of their strong action plan and security,” he asserted.


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