Chinook Helicopter attempts unusual aerial Operation with JCB in Shimla

Shimla, Aug 16

In a rarely seen event, an Indian Air Force (IAF) Chinook helicopter was observed undertaking an unconventional task in the skies above Shimla. Eyewitnesses were left baffled as the aircraft carried a JCB excavator suspended from its cargo hook, apparently in an attempt to drop it at a specific location within the city.

The spectacle took a puzzling twist when the Chinook, while hovering over Shimla, suddenly halted its progress due to the dense cloud cover. It appeared that the pilots were assessing the suitability of the designated drop point. After a period of evaluation, during which onlookers speculated about the nature of this operation, the helicopter reversed its course. The Chinook was seen heading back towards the Chandimandir airbase, still carrying the hefty payload.

Local authorities remained tight-lipped about the purpose behind this airborne mission, leaving the curious citizens of Shimla speculating on the helicopter’s intentions. No official statement has been issued thus far, further adding to the air of mystery surrounding the event.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) sprung into action in the aftermath of a devastating cloudburst in the vicinity of Shiv Baudi near Summerhill. NDRF teams, utilizing machinery provided by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), embarked on a valiant mission to rescue and aid those affected by the disaster. A total of 432 individuals were successfully evacuated from flood-stricken areas within the last 24 hours, marking a commendable effort on behalf of the NDRF.

As rescue operations continued, reports emerged of a tragic incident in Krishna Nagar, where a massive landslide wreaked havoc and left a grim toll. Amid the debris of a slaughterhouse, a body was discovered, prompting the human cost of the disaster. According to former Mayor Sanjay Chauhan, the damage to the slaughterhouse is estimated at a staggering Rs 28 Crores. The facility, established in 2014, has played an integral role in the region’s economy, making this loss particularly impactful.

In the midst of these unfolding events, the perplexing aerial operation by the IAF Chinook remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving the public eagerly awaiting official information to shed light on this extraordinary episode.


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