Shimla, Jun 15 

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee President Kuldeep Singh Rathore today said that he had issued a notice to Facebook CEO Mark Elliot Zuckerberg for up loading and circulation of an anonymous letter in a facebook post allegedly maligning the image of State Congress unit. Addressing a press conference at Rajiv Bhavan Congress state headquarters here today Rathore informed that he had issued the notice to CEO of Facebook Mark Elllito Zuckerberg as a anonymous letter is allegedly being circulated in the social media.
He said that Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur spoke on this issue during a press conference recently.
” Party is not shying away to explain, and details of party account would be soon released to media to present actual picture, ” stated Rathore. Adding, that ” State unit never sent any letter to AICC or demanded refunds from the party on account of COVID-19 expenses.”
Congress is democratic party and keeps account of each and everything, he stated. “Soon the same would be released to media also, however before it, I was expecting the reply from Chief minister to prove authenticity of the unsigned anonymous letter showed by him in press conference,  alleged Rathore.
Without knowing the authenticity of the alleged document, we cannot initiate any action, he added. ” Therefore the Government should provide the authenticity of letter before making allegations,” he stated. Adding,” if CM would forward any such letter to us, with authenticity of its source, we are ready to probe the charges.” assured the Congress leader.
Addressing a press conference recently Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur had stated “I was amazed to see the letter intimating party high command about making Rs 12 crore expenditure as I too tried to find out from officials about these PPE kits and ventilators which everybody was clueless about.

Thereafter the CM showed the alleged letter being circulated in social media, in which the Congress state unit was allegedly demanding Rs 12 Crore from the AICC. Thakur had said that the content of the letter displayed, that, state Congress unit spent a whopping amount of Rs 12 Cr on COVID related expenses in Himachal Pradesh.


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