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Amid COVID-19 outbreak various front-line departments are rendering services and now Punjab Sports coaches have come forward with its coaches are training 130 budding sportspersons online.

A Punjab government spokesperson said in SAS Nagar district, under the directions of the Deputy Commissioner Girish Dayalan, the campaign is making waves across all the sections of the society.

Apart from the frontline departments such as the Police and Health, now the Sports Department has also joined the fray.

“In the district, the 25 coaches related to various sports are giving online training to the total of 230 budding sportspersons, in view of situation arising out of COVID-19 pandemic.

In Athletics, one coach is training 35 players online, 2 coaches of Basketball are training 16 players, 3 Gymnastics coaches are training 26 players, 3 Handball coaches are training 15 players.

1 Table Tennis coach is training 10 players, 2 Football coaches are training 45 players, 2 Weightlifting coaches are training 15 players. 2 Coaches of Wrestling are training 10 players, 2 Swimming coaches are training 18 players.

1 Coach of Shooting is training 5 players, 1 Skating coach is training 10 players, 2 Volleyball coaches are training 15 players while 3 coaches of Hockey are training 10 players,” he added

The spokesperson said apart from giving the players the technical know how about the particular sports to the players, all the coaches are also sensitizing the players to strictly follow Health department’s guidelines.

This includes Wearing of the masks when venturing out, Washing of hands with soap and hand sanitizers for 20 seconds as often as possible and maintaining the social distance to curb COVID-19.

“The Mission Fateh campaign is making it’s presence felt all across the state and all the departments are making collective efforts to ensure strict implementation safety guidelines,” he added.


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