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Shimla, Jun 30
Distinct Unit of Communist Party Marxist (CPM) and Indian Youth Congress (IYC) today staged separate protests against fuel hike. The leftist protested before the Deputy Commissioner Shimla Office.Whereas the Congress young brigade chose Congress Bhawan to Bus Stand part of cart road.
The Leftist protest
Led by secretary of district committee Balbir Prasher was held on the nationwide calls of party. Addressing the protest rally Prasher expressed concern that increasing the prices of Diesel and Petrol is burdening the common man as it became a daily ritual of the Narendra Modi Government to hike the prices.  The decision was taken by the Government is bowing before the big corporate to benefit them. He said that during the last cabinet meeting of Union Government it had stated clearly that, it could not check the prices of diesel and petrol, and is beyond its control. He said that during last one and half month the prices of diesel and petrol have hiked by more than Rs ten. The continued increase in the excise duty on the fuel is also responsible for the  inflation of the fuel prices.
CPM alleged that BJP ruled Government in the center and state is working to ensure the
benefits to ‘Adani’ and ‘Ambani’ like corporate houses and taking anti people decision by
increasing the fuel prices. People are already facing the burnt of lock-down and pandemic. The steep hike in the fuel price would broke their backbone further, they stated. The State leftist unit also held similar protest in other districts on nationwide protest call against  the fuel prices.
The Congress protest
It was led by the Indian Youth Congress district town president Verinder Banshtu was also organised. It was staged from Congress Bhavan to old ISBT. A number of IYC activists protested against the fuel hike. Reportedly to display resentment, they dragged a pickup vehicle by pulling it with a rope on the Cart road. The protest also disrupted the vehicular traffic for half an hour however it was restored shortly.


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