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Shimla, Dec 6

CPI(M) member of Assembly Theog Rakesh Singha urged the people of state to support the call of Bharat Band given by 250 Farmers unions who are protesting against antifarmer laws passed by Narendra Modi government ignoring undermining protest.
He said in a press statement that farmer’s of this country  are wedging  a life and death battle sitting under the open air, on the various roads leading  to Delhi under sub Zero temperatures continuously  since 25th of November  2020. 
” You are also aware  that amongst  them there are aged, infirm, women, children of minor age  who have  vowed  and are determined to continue  their struggle until  the Union government  withdraws  the Three Farm Laws and the Law Amending the Electricity  Act . ” He said.
They have given a slogan of Do or Die . You are also aware since 25th November 2020 many have accepted  martyrdom then being  hospitalized  for any kind of ailment due to adverse  weather conditions or otherwise. 
Singha also appealed to the people  of Himachal Pradesh, belonging to the family  of farmers,  workers, carrying  businesses of daily  need goods,  transportation,  students, Lawyers, other professions then running  Medical  shops  and Private  dispensaries and hospitals, small and medium establishments in industrial  areas to come forward  and express solidarity  with their  cause.
He also appealed to people to rise above all petty and sectarian  considerations of political,  religious,  regional, thought  based upon caste or creed by keeping your shops, establishments,  transport or any other profession closed for 8th Dec.
 ” Do not choose  to travel  on that day apart from  any emergency that may come.” Singha appealed
He  also urged  the HRTC and private  transporters to keep off roads on 8th Dec baring Ambulances or private vehicles  carrying  patients or anyone traveling for funeral  ceremony or related  matter, fire fighting  vehicles and staff and army personnel moving to and fro. 


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