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Shimla, May 13
State Unit of CPI(m) expressed deep concern on the Covid pandemic  situation developing in the state, the party assured the government  it support to save the lives of  the people in this critical juncture. 
At the same time the CPIM has stated it is the responsibility of the government to save the lives of the 
people who are under the severe attack of the virus in its second wave which was expected to come. 
Any prudent  govt was expected to make adequate preparation to combat the situation created by the spread of the virus. The scientists had forewarned that it was a super spreader. 
In a statement issued here today party state secretary Dr Onkar Shad said that government and its agencies underestimated and undermined the forewarning of the scientists and relied upon a ” wait and watch ” situation.
Based upon the available data the party is analyzing the behavior of the virus and its socio – economic impact on the state. Party said that preliminary analysis indicate that inspite of the mutated virus being a super spreader the density of population in Himachal Pradesh creates material conditions in which spread of the virus can be kept under control. Adding, ” that subject to the condition precautions are adhered to, of maintaining physical distancing and adherence to the other conditions of using  face mask and regular hand wash. “
The average  density of population in state  is 123 per km with Lahual Spiti  being just two  and Kinnaur being 13 per km. This is the basic reason  the infection  levels are low in these districts. However  precautions need to be adhered here too as the density of the  village population is high in Kinnaur.
The death rate due to the infection of the virus is relatively higher in state this is due to a combination of several factors like delay in medical treatment due to underestimating the fatality capacity of the virus or failure of state to trace and test the infection of the virus.
Party attributes number of reason or factor for sudden surge in 2nd wave and rising causality. It blamed the unscientific outlook people or fear of being stigmatized by being  declared infected.  The  failure to provide  uninterrupted  supply of oxygen to a patient, failure of state to provide sufficient staff to assist the  patients (ward boys & nurses) in the hospitals and failure to supply sufficient quantities of life saving drugs that is  Remidesiver and Tocilizumab.
The  inability of the state to mobilize sufficient  numbers of oxygen  cylinders in order to ensure regular and continuous supply  of oxygen in Covid health centers. Failure to use the physiotherapy science to reduce the virus  load in infected  patients.  Failure to create sufficient numbers of covid beds in both state run and private  hospitals including the provisions for ventilators.
The party has stated the impact and behavior of the 2nd wave of the virus would unfold in the days ahead. It is urgent and utmost necessary to control the spread of the virus. The shortcomings may result in disaster to the people and without the assistance of the central govt the possibilities of starvation deaths could not be ruled out.
State must be prepared for the worst and in such an emergency kind of situation it must gather the support of the vast sections of the people without which  the present situation can not be handled.
In order to achieve this the govt must convene a two or three  day session of the vidhan sabha for a 
free and frank  discussion on the tactics to be used to defeat the virus and a consensus needs to be made on it. Prior to that an all party meeting would be held to create a common approach to deal with the present situation which is yet in the beginning.
In the meantime in the absence  of the Essential  commodities Act an ordinance be Promulgated  to control the hoarding and inflation of all life saving drugs and punitive  action be initiated against CIPLA company from black mailing and putting the society at large to ransom by refusing to provide  Remdesivir drugs  on the negotiated  terms and conditions.
Under such pressing circumstances the central govt must come to the defense of the people  and must not hesitate to Nationalise each and every asset which is necessary to save the lives of the people today.
There is strong and impeachable evidence that 90 per cent of the 2nd wave of infection which now has undoubtedly taken the shape of a community spread is due to social  gatherings the most common  amongst them being marriage ceremonies.
These needs to be stopped immediately however with an understanding of the families involved and the local administration. The marriage is just Solemnized the celebration can be held after the Virus is defeated.  The failure to stop such gatherings will prove suicidal to humanity.
Covid tests of all hospitalized patients are conducted after seven days and those who turn out to be negative are shifted to step down care centers where only 5 liters of oxygen is required per minute so that the availability of beds can be ensured for new and more serious patients who require admission. 
Need to increase and universalise vaccination: As per the latest statistics only 3,84,132 persons (as on 10th May 2021) in Himachal have been vaccinated with two vaccine doses. 5.2 per cent persons vaccinated and one COVID recovered makes only 6.2 pc  of the total population immune to the COVID infection. 
To mitigate the impact of 3rd wave a key intervention would be to protect the population by scaling up vaccination. The vaccination drive for the age group of 18-44 years has been initiated throughout the country however in state it is noticed the vaccination for this age group has still not been initiated. This should be expedited at the earliest so that causality in this age group are minimised.


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