Provisions of adding more bed capacity for COVID patients in the state, is a herculean task before the State Government. Undoubtedly to achieve the same Chief Minister is being seen inspecting various hospitals and health facilities

Shimla, May 13

The government data indicates that bed capacity for COVID-19 infected has been doubled in a period of less than a month however the demand of Beds, Oxygens, ICUs or proper hospitalisation yet, seems unmatched keeping the surge of Covid active patients in fray, which has increased three and half time during the same period.

in less than a month from April 21 to May 12, the bed capacity for COVID-19 patients has almost doubled in the state. Data provided by the government, displays that now the state has a total of 3080 beds as against 1520 on April 21, when HimachalScape first referred to the squeezing bed capacity for COVID-19 infected in these columns. Currently the state reels under a 38954 active case load. Of these around 3to 5 percent need or would need hospitalization. Pertinent to mention that on April 21, the active caseload was 10,763.

Among the leading is Kangra district with 11893 active cases, followed by Mandi 4692. Solan has 3950 active cases, Shimla 3397, Hamirpur has 3041 active cases, Sirmour 2999 and Bilaspur 2865 active cases to deal with. Una 2437 cases, Chamba 1945, Kullu 986, Kinnaur 445 and L&S 304.

Kangra bed capacity from 238 beds availability has increased to 484 oxygenated beds. Whereby few private hospitals have been roped in here, even the capacity of 17 beds has been increased in ZH Dharamshala. The hospital had 161 beds capacity earlier and number now is 177. Kangra then had an active case load of 2382 which has now increased to almost 12000.

Mandi, which has the second highest active cases, has added 20 beds in the past few days. Wherein on April 21 there were 308 beds available in the district, now the district has 328 beds. The active case load was 898 in April, viz a viz 4692 now.

Solan, the district with 3rd highest active cases now, has 253 beds as against 131 in April. The district so far has added 122 beds in the period. The active case load here increased multifold from 2103 to 3950.

Even though cases in Shimla have gone almost 3 times from 1179 to 3397 but Shimla district has also doubled its bedding capacity. As against 347 beds here, now a total of 650 beds are available. IGMC the state hospital has 330 beds as against 147 in April. DDU hospital has 125 beds. In April it had 90 beds.

Hamirpur currently has 136 beds available. On April 21 it had 90 beds. Here too around 46 beds have been added in the period. Hamirpur came from 813 active cases to 3041 currently.

Another high active caseload district Sirmour. In April it had a total of 48 beds available. Now the capacity has been increased multifold to 418. A sizable 273 beds were added here at Dr YSPGMC Nahan. The case load here increased from 953 then to 2999 now.

Bilaspur which had 29 beds in April now has 185 beds for COVID-19 patients. Besides CH Ghumarwin, three other centers have been dedicated for the purpose, here. The district then had 521 active cases and now has 2865.

Una which had 91 beds in April has added 32 more. Here now the total COVID-19 patient bed capacity is 123. Bordering Punjab, Haryana the district now has 2437 active cases.

Chamba added 40 beds, from 95 in April to 135 now. Kullu has also doubled capacity to 200, from 100 on April 21. Here cases have also doubled from 420 on April 21 to 986 now.

The tribal district of Kinnaur has added 12 more beds to its capacity. Here the active cases now are 445, as against 156 then. As against 18 beds in April it now has 30 oxygenated beds for COVID-19 patients.

From being unlisted among COVID-19 bed capacity, in April now even Lahaul & Spiti has 37 beds with oxygenated capability.


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