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Shimla, Sep 9

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur condemned the demolition of film actress Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai house by the BMC Mumbai in the state assembly expressing concern over her security today. The issue figured in the State legislative assembly after the lunch of 3rd day session when Independent member Hoshiyar Singh raised this issue through point of order.

He  said that information arrived to him that the house of   Ranaut house was demolished before the high court of Maharashtra stayed the demolition which should be condemned by the state assembly.
He said that she is daughter of Himachal Pradesh and Chief Minister had offered her the security owing to life threat to her by the Shiv Sena Government.
Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur also condemned the incident and said that actor had called him yesterday about her Covid test and actor’s father also met him showing concern over her security recently. We have offered security outside her residence at Manali.
He said that the incident of demolition is highly condemned and the Government would appeal the Maharashtra state Govt to ensure her security. She is daughter of Himachal Pradesh and her venture should not be hampered in Mumbai .
BJP member Col Inder Singh condemned the incident and said that he was concerned about her security. Father of Bollywood actor is his close friend. Everybody have right to criticize or speak freely and Kangra Ranauth has not done anything wrong.
He said that  she was getting threatening of her lives by the Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut . Maharashtra is part of the Union of India and no one could state such thing and actors have right to work in Mumbai.
Congress legislator Ram Lal Thakur also showed concern on her security but he also stated that  if matter is in the court and if privilege is brought in the Maharashtra Assembly that could not be discussed in the assembly.
This issue suddenly warmed the cool in the house as members of treasury benches and opposition almost came to blow each other when Cong member Jagat Singh Negi alleged that he wanted to raise the issue of security of workers of Kinnuar but  by allowing the issue of Kangana Ranaut’s security the house has deprived him from raising similar issue of security of worker.
Pacifying Opposition members’ speaker Vipin Singh Parmar said that he has allowed the member to raise this issue and the house is expressing the security concern.
Leader of opposition Mukesh Agnihotri said the Chief Minister has assured her security in the state and Union government has also given her security and we all agree for this and Senior member Ram Lal thakur has just said only not to discuss any privilege notice by any assembly here but we all should show concern on her safety.
Manali MLA and Education Minister Govind Thakur also said that she is the daughter of state and it is a non political issue and everyone should show concern for her security.


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