Device to monitor & analyze productivity of employees: HPU Prof gets patent 

Shimla, June 15
Dr Vipin Kumar Bhulal, a Himachal Pradesh University  Assistant Professor ( Commerce ) in Department of Evening Studies Shimla has been  granted a design patent for a device developed to monitor & analyse the productivity of the employees.
Spokesperson of HPU Dr Ranvir Verma informed that HPU professor was conferred  titled ” DEVICE TO MONITOR AND ANALYZE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF EMPLOYEES ” by HPU Vice Chancellor Prof.  S. P. Bansal who also congratulated Dr.  Vipan Kumar Bhulal and research scholars for the big achievement.
He said that patent tittle was granted by the Patent Office, Government of India which also attributed to  the joint efforts under the guidance of Pro – Vice – Chancellor Prof. Rajinder Verma,  Dr.  N.N.  Sharma of Sri Sai University, Palampur and research scholar Rupali Sharma and Gunjan Bala Department of Commerce of HPU.
This device is designed to monitor and analyze the productivity of employees in manufacturing as well as non manufacturing companies.  The device measures how efficiently a worker or machine completes a task.  Basically, productivity is calculated by comparing the amount of goods and services produced by the inputs that were used in production, he added.
The device analyzes the productivity of the machine or employees (supervisors) or compares productivity between two or more machines as well as employ, informed Verma


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