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Dry Weather Forecast in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, April 12

In the past 24 hours, Himachal Pradesh has experienced dry weather with no significant change in maximum and minimum temperatures, which have remained at normal levels. The lowest minimum temperature was recorded in Keylong (Lahaul-Spiti) at 0.3 degrees Celsius, while the highest maximum temperature was recorded in Una at 35.2 degrees Celsius. No rainfall or snowfall was reported during this time, and there were no thunderstorms or hailstorms either.

The latest weather forecast for the state predicts that the next five days will be dry, except for isolated thunderstorms and lightning on Day 4. The synoptic feature for this change is a fresh Western Disturbance, which is likely to affect the Western Himalayan Region from April 15th.

In the meantime, the Himachal Pradesh Meteorological Department has updated the minimum temperature and precipitation records for various stations across the state. At 8:30 AM on April 12th, the minimum temperatures recorded were as follows:

  • Shimla: 12.8 degrees Celsius
  • Sundernagar: 12.4 degrees Celsius
  • Bhuntar: 10.0 degrees Celsius
  • Kalpa: 5.2 degrees Celsius
  • Dharamshala: 15.2 degrees Celsius
  • Una: 15.0 degrees Celsius
  • Nahan: 16.3 degrees Celsius
  • Keylong: 0.3 degrees Celsius
  • Palampur: 13.5 degrees Celsius
  • Solan: 11.2 degrees Celsius
  • Manali: 7.0 degrees Celsius
  • Kangra: 15.4 degrees Celsius
  • Mandi: 13.0 degrees Celsius
  • Bilaspur: 16.0 degrees Celsius
  • Hamirpur: 13.5 degrees Celsius
  • Chamba: 13.3 degrees Celsius
  • Dalhousie: 13.6 degrees Celsius
  • Jubberhatti: 14.0 degrees Celsius
  • Kufri: 9.8 degrees Celsius
  • Kukumseri: 1.7 degrees Celsius
  • Narakanda: 7.0 degrees Celsius
  • Kasauli: Not available
  • Reckongpeo: 8.5 degrees Celsius
  • Seobagh: 8.0 degrees Celsius
  • Dhaulakuan: 13.9 degrees Celsius
  • Berthin: 12.6 degrees Celsius
  • Bharmaur: 8.0 degrees Celsius

No precipitation was reported at any of the stations during this period.

Overall, while dry weather persists across Himachal Pradesh, residents are advised to be prepared for isolated thunderstorms and lightning on Day 4, and to stay up-to-date with the latest weather forecasts and warnings.


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