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Shimla, Feb 6

Now, entry of BKU leader Rakesh Tikait, seems, the Adani Cement vs Truck union stand-off, is turning into a mass movement, now. The fifty four days long protest by Darlaghat and Bharmana cement Truckers unions, if not solved promptly, is indicating of become a mass campaign against Adani Cement and Narendra Modi government as All India Motor Transport Congress and Bharatiya Kissan Union leader Rakesh Tikait have also decided to join the fight.

Talking to HS, president of Himachal Pradesh Kissan Sabha Dr Kuldeep Singh Tanwar informed that after the sudden closure of two cement factories at Darlaghat in district Solan and Barmana in district Bilaspur, on 14 December 2022 , the truck operators have running and agitating pillar to post but to no avail.

Adani cement vs truck operators stand-off: Truckers meeting with CM

Currently around 7000 Truck operators and land-loser in the two Cement plant (enrolled by the previous cement plants management in the Transport business) are protesting against the closure of Barmana and Ambuja cement plants. They have now decided to hold a Mahapanchayat at Darlaghat on 20 February after a final round of talk with the State government on February 3, failed.

Even though the Sukhu government has sought two days from the operators to negotiate with the Adani group on the freight proposed by the operators but Dr Kuldeep Singh Tanwar said that nothing is known about what the government is doing to end the deadlock as it could not directly involve the representatives of Adani group on table for a talk.

He said that if the State government was not able to resolve the extended issue, a joint front of farmers unions and truckers could give call for a ‘Mahapanchayat’ which may be held on the 20th February.

Adani Cement plants shutdown: Truckoperators give court arrest

Darlaghat Truck Federation President Ram Krishna Sharma said that teams would be going from village to village mobilizing support of people on the issue. He said that currently truck operators are keeping the movement highly peaceful as they are giving court arrests, holding torchlight processions and dharna demonstrations out side the locked plants and at the Bilaspur and Darlaghat market. He said that a Chakka jam call by the truck union of February 4, was also withdrawn as operators believed that the State government is with them.

Adding, President of Bilaspur Truck Union, Rakesh Thakur said that the Chief Minister had asked for two days time. Keenly, the effected transporters are awaiting its outcome, he added

What is the government doing

Meanwhile Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has issued instructions to Revenue, Industry and mining and District Administrations to prepare a dossier of information about the company and its acquisitions. Insiders believe that the CM is planning to end the stand off with tough action.

Dosier of Info about ACC & Ambuja Cement plants: Does Sukhu government want to take back control ?

Opposition BJP’ role

On the other hand Opposition BJP is blaming the Congress government for pedalling soft with Corporate house to end the deadlock. Instead of talking about the stand-off and Adani Cement or truckers, the Saffron party has been terming it a big failure of the new government.

Local BJP Legislator from Bilaspur has given a media statement that the issue of Adani Cement plants triggered after Adani group and Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu met on December 13 and 14, 2022. He said that not a single notice has been issued by state government to Corporate house.

Noteworthy here is that the BJP is silent on the acquisition of both cement plants during its  government in 2022. Clearly, the opposition party which was running the government in 2022, is feigning ignorance of such a massive Corporate deal which took place in the State. After all, it was the second biggest industry in the country- Cement, which was acquired by Adani Cement. Moreover, even now when in opposition the BJP did not make any public disclosure that whether its previous rule had issued no objection certificate to acquire the  Cement plants.

Pertinent to mention here, that the truckers unions have also sought intervention from BJP president J P Nadda and BJP member of Parliament Anurag Thakur and Suresh Kashyap. But so far the National ruling party has not opened its cards, by indicating that whether it is keen to resolve the issue which relates to the Country ‘s biggest sector of construction economy.


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