Shimla, Feb 10

On Thursday evening residents of Komalibank were left panic stricken as they found a cub and a leopard roaming in the adjacent forest next to the state Vidhansabha complex, probably in search of (hunt) stray dogs.

Those who were returning to home from evening shift and from Market reached home afraid due to the danger of facing the leopards on the street.

It is not the first occasion when Leopard has been seen in the town but it is often found hunting on domestic and stray dogs as town has thick forest in the down hills.  Meanwhile,  the local people have demanded the wildlife department to capture the leopard immediately.  People say that the forest department should catch and imprison it before it executes a new incident like the one at Kanlog.

It is worthwhile to mention that a female leopard had made two children prey in Shimla’s Kanlog and Downdale area.  Due to which the residents of the city are in the shadow of fear.  Apart from this, the presence of leopard has been seen in different areas of the city.


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