Former Deputy Mayor urges for Eco-friendly guidelines in Shimla MC election campaign

Shimla, April 19

As the Shimla Municipal Corporation election draws near, former deputy Mayor of the city Tikender Singh Panwar has raised concerns about the potential environmental impact of the election campaign. In a letter addressed to the State election commissioner Anil Khachi, Panwar emphasized the need for guidelines that ensure an eco-friendly campaign.

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In his letter, Panwar highlighted the negative impact of non-biodegradable materials, such as flex, on the environment and ecology of the region. He called for a complete ban on the use of flex material in the election campaign, citing the fact that it cannot be recycled or decomposed. Panwar emphasized the need to be conscious of the consciousness that is created amongst the people and the young generation who are entering the age of franchise.

In addition to the use of non-biodegradable materials, the deputy Mayor also urged for a reduction in the use of fossil fuel-driven motorized transport during the election campaign. He suggested that most of the campaign should be conducted on foot, in line with the spirit of Shimla town, which is known for its pedestrianization.

The urban experts acknowledged the progress made in election behaviour over the years, with the reduction of plastic leaflets and flags. He encouraged a continued commitment to sustainability in the upcoming Shimla Municipal Corporation Election.

Panwar’s letter calls for a small beginning that can set a precedent for the entire country, emphasizing the importance of conducting election campaigns in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

As the election approaches, the State election commission must consider these environmental concerns raised by him and work towards guidelines that ensure an eco-friendly campaign. By setting an example for the rest of the country, Shimla can lead the way towards a more sustainable future.


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