G20 summit ‘ event’ in Dharamshala boosts Himachal’s prospects

Shimla, April 19

The ongoing G20 conference event in Dharamshala is expected to provide a significant boost to Himachal Pradesh’s economy, according to local reports. The State’s chief minister, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, has been working hard to ensure the conference’s success, with hopes that it will attract global investors and promote Himachal as a top event destination.

The conference, which will focus on science and technology, is set to take place on April 19-20 and will host representatives from the G20 countries. In addition to technical sessions, the state government has organized to introduce them to the region’s heritage, culture, food, arts, and handicrafts.

A spokesperson of the State government informed that the Chief minister plans to promote Himachali art and culture in a big way, with plans to gift the delegates Himachali caps and shawls, Kinnauri flower coasters, stamps symbolizing Dev culture, and other Himachali handicraft products. The event will showcase various cultural dance and music programs, providing a glimpse of the folk culture of Mandi, Kullu, Lahul Spiti, Sirmaur, Kinnaur, and Chamba districts.

The conference will also serve as an opportunity to promote Himachali folk culture and cuisine. Guests will be welcomed to the airport with traditional Himachali dishes and drinks, such as Siddu, Apple Tea, and Kangra Tea. Folk artists will also perform to showcase the rich Himachali culture.

On April 20, after participating in a yoga session, the delegates will tour Dharamshala and nearby places, visiting the tea gardens at Narghota in Dharamshala and experiencing the tea-picking process. They will also visit the Kangra Art Museum, where they can learn about Himachali art-culture and crafts, including live Kangra painting.

The conference is seen as a significant opportunity for Himachal Pradesh to boost its economy and promote its rich culture to the world. The state government is working hard to ensure its success and showcase the best that the region has to offer, claimed the spokesperson.



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