Shimla, Aug 10
Himachal Pradesh Government said on the  floor of house on Tuesday that Covid pandemic caused massive devastation to lives of people and number of unclaimed funeral remains of Covid victims are lying in various hospitals. This was stated by the Health Minister Dr Rajeev Sehjal while replying to a discussion under rule 62 brought by members of assembly. He said that keeping in view the massive devastation and its widespread the impact of CoronaVirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.
No Nation, no matter how advanced they are, could remain free from this devastation.  Minister said that he hails the efforts of doctors and Health Care workers in the state who worked untiringly to provide their services to people. ” There are a number of unclaimed funeral remains of Covid victim who died in the hospital and were cremated by the administration” said the Minister.
Dr Sehjal said that at the beginning of the pandemic there were only two oxygen plants (IGMC and Mandi) in the state which were extended to eight functional plants now. The IGMC oxygen plant is running without any problem however the member pointed out serious flaws in the plant.
State Government have provided 198 special ambulances under 108 scheme and additional 109 ambulances were sanctioned by the Centre. He said that there are 10,000 isolation kits available in the state and make-shift hospitals are made functional.
He said about 40 lakh people have been administered the first dose of vaccination and 13.89 lakh had a second dose ( 24 pc). Minister said that samples of 40 Lakh people were taken for Covid testing since the first wave and as many as 2.59 lakh were tested positive.
Unsatisfied over the reply of the minister, Opposition members alleged the issues raised by them were not being addressed during the discussion and walked out of the assembly.
Later, Chief Minister condemning the opposition walk out stated that in his absence from the house, the opposition members should not walk out from the assembly and at least hear the entire speech of the minister who was replying to all issues and steps taken by the Govt. ” I was not in the house and meeting the people in the my chamber when opposition members staged walk out’.”
During Congress rule there were only 69 ventilators in the state Hospital but now when the BJP is in power there are 800 ventilators out of which 500 were provided under the Prime minister health care scheme. He said that Himachal is among the no-1 states who have vaccinated large numbers of people with Covid vaccine. CM claimed that Himachal is also among two three states who have zero wastage of Covid vaccine. As many as 17 members participated in the discussion which lasted for two days.


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