HP Congress president Pratibha Singh criticizes Modi Government’s 9-Year rule, demands apology for Anti-people decisions

Shimla, May 29

Attacking the nine-year rule of the Narendra Modi-led government, State Congress President and MP Pratibha Singh expressed her disappointment and frustration, stating that there were no significant achievements worth celebrating during this period. She called on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to apologize to the nation for its anti-people decisions.

Singh emphasized the growing discontent among the country’s youth due to the rampant rise in inflation and unemployment. She criticized the Modi government for its dictatorial decisions, such as demonetization and the arbitrary implementation of GST, which she claimed had led to a 30 to 40 percent increase in unemployment.

Furthermore, Singh highlighted the alarming levels of inflation, making it increasingly difficult for ordinary and impoverished citizens to sustain their livelihoods. She also denounced the Prime Minister’s promise to provide employment to two crore (20 million) unemployed youths annually, branding it a complete falsehood.

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Criticizing the BJP’s rule, Singh stated that the violation of democratic principles had marred the nine-year tenure. She condemned the suppression of freedom of expression in a democracy, the exertion of power over constitutional institutions, the stifling of opposition voices, and the misuse of investigative agencies. Singh asserted that the country would never forgive the BJP for these transgressions.

Singh further accused the Modi government of damaging the Nation’s economy by privatizing public sector undertakings, resulting in the loss of jobs for millions of workers. She dismissed Union Minister Prahlad Patel’s claims that Rohtang Tunnel and AIIMS in Bilaspur were gifts from the Modi government, asserting that the Congress was responsible for the construction of the Atal Tunnel in Rohtang, and the Virbhadra government had facilitated the basic infrastructure for AIIMS in Bilaspur. She also claimed that the state had achieved the goal of providing clean drinking water to every household under Congress’s governance.


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