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April 15, 2020 2100hrs

Today two more have tested positive for COVID-19. One positive case has come from Kangra district. Reportedly the patient is from Anuhi village of Tehsil Jwali in Kangra district and works in Punjab Kesari Jallandhar. He had come back to his home town only few days before. The second patient tested positive is from Chamba district.

Total citizens tested till date are 1426, and 1391 have tested negative. 12 have been cured, 4 shifted out of state and 1 lost life. With 12 active the highest number of cases (15) have been reported from Una district of the state. Solan has 9 cases(2 active), Kangra(1active) and Chamba(2 active) both have recorded 5 positive cases and Sirmour has one case which is active.

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