Shimla, Mar 3
Himachal Pradesh Government would emulate Uttrakhand to promote Commercial production of Medicinal plants. A team would be sent to study the policy. Health Minister Rajiv Sehjal in reply of a query during the question hour today stated in the state assembly  that a team is already studying the Ayush Policy of Uttrakhand. Moreover high demand medicinal plants like Gutki, Shatavri and Ashwagandha etc is being promoted by the state while diversifying farmers to switch over to production of Medicinal plants and herbs, apart from the traditional Agriculture.
He said that farmers besides production of fruits and vegetables, should also produce such Medicinal plant and herbs which have good demand for the pharma sector. State climate is suitable for production of large numbers of rare flora and fauna which has high demand in the market. The varied climate zone of state Including tropical, sub-temperate, temperate and alpine are suitable for production of various species of Medicinal crops.
Minister said that apart from supplying these crops to pharma sector, farmers could sell such proceed in open market.
Union Government Ayush department has also opened Joginder Nagar Regional Facilitation centre in Mandi district to promote Commercial production of Medicinal plant. Sehjal stated that farmers are collecting various species of Medicinal plant from wild and also growing it in their farms. Self help group of farmers are being encouraged by the nodal Ayush Officer.
Intervening into the issue Forest Minister Rakesh Pathania said that various types of wild Medicinal plant are being promoted under JICA project and wild spices of Medicinal plant being collected from the forest by the farmers would be developed under tissue culture unit being set up as part of the project.
Member of Assembly Ramesh Dhawala said that number of Medicinal crops are being grown and harvested by farmers but their proceed couldn’t sell in the state as two Pharmacy companies which were once producing 900 to 1000 types of Ayurvedic medicines have stopped the manufacturing. He said that trucks of ‘galoya’ and ‘Tulsi’ and others plants are being produced in the state but due to lack of proper marketing it could not be sold. Adding, similarly others Medicinal crops are not being sold and youth are being deprived of livelihoods and self-employment.
He said that people talk lot about Baba Ramdev today however he facilitated thousands in Uttrakhand to create employment avenues by increasing demand of produce by promoting manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines.


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