June 16, 2020

In view of recent face off between PLA of China and Indian Army in Ladakh sector, an alert advisory has been issued to the districts of Kinnaur and Lahul-Spiti to take all precautionary measures to ensure security of local population and also to collect intelligence so as to plan future course of action, stated Kushal Sharma, spokesperson of the Himachal Police. He said that all state intelligence units have also been alerted in this matter.

On Monday night reportedly in a conflict between both forces in Galwan valley of Eastern Ladakh, one Officer and two Jawans of the Indian Army have lost life. As per media reports the incident happened when in an effort to diffuse the weeks long situation at border, it escalated. Where after India also retaliated and there were causalities on both sides.

Both the countries have been in a face off in Ladakh region since weeks. Series of meetings have taken place between diplomats and military heads of both Nations to resolve the stand off but to no result.

Government of India spokesperson stated that China did not respect mutual agreement which could have averted such a situation. Informing that both sides suffered losses in the conflict.


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