Make names of liquor smugglers public than maligning image of Congress demands Sudhir Sharma


June 23, 2020

The Chief Minister of the state should make the names of alcohol smugglers public instead of maligning the image of Congress party, stated former Minister and Congress National Secretary Sudhir Sharma here referring to a letter written by MP Kishan Kapoor to Chief Minister Former about liquor mafia.
Reportedly the BJP MP from Kangra Chamba constituency Kishan Kapoor had written a letter to Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur, expressing concern about the liquor mafia being active in the state since the lockdown. In the letter, Kapoor had alleged that the liquor mafia has evaded taxes worth crores of rupees and demanded that a special audit should be ordered to verify the amount of liquor sold during the lock-down.
Further, Kapoor had mentioned that the Vigilance Department had seized 1,900 cases of liquor in Una district, recently. A Congress leader had stakes in the bottling plant from where the liquor cases were brought, had alleged the MP. The cases were without holograms showing that the tax on liquor was not paid. Efforts were being made to hush up the case, had added Kapoor, in the letter.
“Kapoor’s political life is only meant to write ‘letters’,” commented Sharma. At one time he also wrote a ‘letter’ against the then Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal also, he mocked. They should clarify which name of the Congress leader involved in it before accusing the party, demanded Sharma. Adding,”Or whether it is only a diversion being created to cover-up the recently emerged scandal in the Health Department, assumed Sharma.
He alleged that the government has neither been able to crack down on alcohol mafia but has also failed in stopping drug mafia inside the state. Strict action should be initiated against those involved in such trafficking, stressed Sharma.
Adding that the MP who has accused the Congress should also perhaps write a letter to people of Kangra Chamba constituency and let them know about the development done in the region during his tenure. “After all, these are the ones who had sent him to Delhi with a heavy vote share,” he remarked.
All sections and leaders of the society have helped each other during the terrible epidemic like Corona, but the MP instead, was nowhere to be seen. “Rather was conspiring against his own government at the resting abode of Kangra,” concluded Sharma.


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