Shimla, Jun 24 at 0800 hours

Himachal Pradesh registered 48 new cases of nCoV since last night as 23 cases were traced in Hamirpur and 17 cases in Kangra district three each in Shimla and Una and two cases in Chamba increasing the tally to 775 in the state and two hundred plus in both districts , Government official confirmed.
Additional Chief Secretary Health and Nodal Officer of COVID-19 R D Dhiman stated that twenty three more COVID-23 infected cases have been detected in Hamirpur district late last night and 17 people were contracted in Kangra district Three each in Shimla and Una and  two in Chamba in the state during last 24 hrs.
He said that most of them had recently returned from Delhi Ghaziabad and other parts of Northern India and were under Institutional quarantine at various places in the district.
Chief Medical Officer Hamirpur, Dr. Archana Soni said that samples of all these persons had been sent to IHBT, Palampur for COVID-19 test and their reports were received late last night.
She said that all these cases would be sent to the COVID care centers for isolation and treatment.

Four more Corona positive cases have been found in Hamirpur in the last bulletin of the HP health department tonight.
They included two women and two men. While both women aged 38 years and 14 years belong to Nadaun block of the district, the men aged 55 years and 43 years respectively belong to Sujanpur and Badsar blocks of the district.Earlier, nineteen such cases were found in the morning hours.
The spokesman said that teams have gone to shift the new persons to the Dedicated COVID care centers for treatment and isolation.  
With this, the total number of positive cases in the district has risen to 205 with active cases stand at 93. There are 111 cured cases and one dead in the district at present.
Those found infected were: A seventy-two years old male and his 36 years old son. They had returned from Delhi and were under Institutional Quarantine center at Kanjyan since June 12th. They were in league with a woman who was already lodged in a dedicated care center of Hamirpur.
Similarly, a man aged 26 years had returned from Guru Gram on June 17th and was under Institutional quarantine at Doongri since then.
A thirty-one years man had returned from Hoshiarpur and was under home quarantine since then.
A forty years old woman and her 14 years old daughter had returned from Delhi in a taxi and were under Home quarantine since then.
A couple aged 57 years male and 50 years old his wife had returned to Hamirpur from Ghaziabad and was under Home quarantine at Kulehra village.
A 15 years old girl had returned with her parents from Delhi on June 16th and was under Institutional quarantine at Dhanpur.
A twenty-five years old boy was also under institutional quarantine at Dhanpur and had returned from Delhi with his friends.
A 29 years old youth had come to Hamirpur from Gagal where he had reached by air on June 14th. He was under Institutional quarantine at Amtar.
A 51 years old male and his 22 years old son were also under Institutional quarantine at Amtar and had returned from Delhi in a taxi.
A twenty-nine years old boy had come from Delhi via taxi. Earlier he had come to India from Bahrin. He was also under institutional quarantine at Amtar.

A thirty years old youth was also under home quarantine and had returned from Delhi via air to Gagal and then to Hamirpur in a taxi.Another thirty years old youth had come from Army base at Ahmednagar and was under home quarantine since June 13th.
A thirty-three years old man had returned with his children from Guru Gram and was under Institutional quarantine at Anu, Hamirpur since June 14th and a forty-one years old man and his 39 years old wife were also under home quarantine at Sasan village since June 14th. 
She said that the primary contacts of all these persons were being verified and their samples would also be taken for analysis. 

Deputy Commissioner Kangra Rakesh Prajapati said that seventeen new cases were tested positive for COVID-19 in the district as 57 yrs old resident of Bhavaran and a couple belonged to Takoli-Grithan of Fethapure and their two daughter and 19 yrs old youth of Jawali tested positive . 57 yrs old man was shifted toNerchoke Medical College(Mandi district) while rest shifted to KOVID Care Centre Dudh in the district .
He said that late last night eight people were tested positive for the nCoV in the Kangra district as a 50 yrs old woman, her 30 year old son and 23 year old daughter in law resident of villiage Usher andPost Office Panali and Tehsil Dhera was tested positive. Family have travel history of Delhi. Three were shifted to DCCC Dadh
Similarly a 31 yrs old man presently at Institutional Quarantine Parour, 23 year man belonged to village Malehar and post office Kudail, Tehsil Baijnath also tested positive.
A 41 yrs woman and her 24 yrs old niece resident of Village Gulehar , post office Karanghattand Tehsil Jaisinghpur, A 47 yrs old man resident of Vill Changhar PO Bhawarna  and Teh Palampuralso tested positive . They have returned from delhi and were in IQ Alampur. Five were now shifted to District Civil Hospital Dharamsala.
With this total number of cases increased to 208 including 87 active and 120 recovered and one died of pandemic in the district. 

DC has directed the citizens to abide by the social distancing and beside follow the medical precautions to stop contracting from the pandemic. He also urged the people to not venture out from their home without any reason and if it is necessary  they should wear the mask properly.  
With three new cases in Una total number of COVID-19 postive cases increased to 96 and active 46 and recovered 56.
Similarly in Shimla total number of cases increased to 36 and active 20 and recovered 13. Two died of Pandemic in the district.
Two women of around 23 yrs belonging to Baloh area of Chamba recently returned from Delhi was tested positive. they were in quarantine at a hotel. The two were shifted to Covid Care Centre Balu . With this total number of cses in Chamba increasedto 46 inclidng 10 active and 35 recovered . 
Three people recovered in the state as two cured in Kinnuar and one in Kullu today.


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