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Shimla, Aug 25

Anand Sharma, Senior Congress leader and CWC member who, recently resigned from the party state steering committee today, stated that he has never avoided electoral politics. Rather his power corridors career always revolved around National politics, somehow.

Sharma referring to query by media informed that he has been always been misconcieved about avoiding electoral politics.

To mention here, that Sharma has always been accused by critics for not being active in electoral politics of the state and is considered as the Congress leader who has never won a Vidhan sabha or Lok Sabha poll from his home State.

Defending his position over it Sharma said that he plunged in students politics at the time when Dr Y S Parmar was chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. Adding, even fought assembly election in 1982 but lost by a mere margin of 1000 votes due to a conspiracy hacked bu the Jansang. However, later, he succeeded in unseating his poltical rival of Jansang by way of a well quoted election petition in the matter. The petition was titled Anand Sharma versus state.
‘I couldn’t spare time to join electrol politics as Shimla Parliamentary was always reserved,” he stated.  Besides was deployed by Former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi to work with Former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi and late Sanjay Gandhi, he stated. ” I remained member of Rajayasabha three times from Himachal Pradesh and once from Rajasthan and served on various capacities in the UPA government and Deputy leader of Rajayasabha,” he informed.
He also acknowledged that he is a member of G-23, stating that was one of signatory who sent the letter to AICC chief. However  the group G-23 is merely a media creation and though bitterness is aroused by this action of the 23 Congress leaders but one could raise internal matters within party.
He said that Congress party is a democratic organization and members could raise issues within party platform which they have done and could not be termed indiscipline.
He said that Congress is strong in the some regions of the country and could give befeating reply to BJP which has undoubtedly become very powerfull but Congress performed poorly is other regions and should concentrate on its shortcomings. He said party leaders who have strong image, and have remained within organisation and are consensus candidates should be given ticket.

Talking about Mandi he said that son of Former Union Minister Anil Sharma may join party as his father remained in the Congress for decades, had the rare skills to be always in power.
He also evaded query about the performance of Jai Ram Thakur and Narendra Modi government in Center stating that media must know what is going on in the state and Center, it is not right to condemn someone without any reason. 


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