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‘None of the above (NOTA)’ polling option urges for glance while scrolling through poll results data of the hill state. In 2014 NOTA with 0.9% (29,032 votes) stayed at number 4 four spot behind Aam Admi party (AAP) which got 2.1% votes in the state. This time NOTA have made it to number 3 spot imparting the bones to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP @ 0.85%). In 2019 as many as 33,008 voters picked the NOTA choice. Along these lines, 0.87 percent voters settled on NOTA out of the complete 38, 01, 793 votes surveyed in the state.

Where in barring one parliamentary constituency, it earned third position in every other seat of Himachal Pradesh. At Hamirpur NOTA earned 0.81% vote share. Getting 8026 votes, NOTA crushed 9 hopefuls here. Truth is at Hamirpur NOTA got 0.03% higher vote share than the combined aggregate of 8 different hopefuls. Just Desh Raj of BSP got 0.72% vote  share(fourth spot) to some degree closer to NOTA.

In Kangra 11327 votes were surveyed to NOTA, putting it on third position. Here with 1.12% vote share NOTA crushed 9 competitors of the complete 11 challenging. Other than BJP and Congress here total aggregate of vote share earned by all other competitors is 2.27%. Here Dr Kehar Singh of BSP and Dr Sanjeev Guleria independent oversaw 0.88% (fourth spot) and 0.45% (fifth spot) vote share individually. Barring both the aggregate of all other challenging competitors couldn’t coordinate the vote rate surveyed for NOTA.

Closeness in Shimla parliamentary body electorate out of the 6 challenging hopefuls NOTA got 0.91% offer cumulating to 8357 votes here putting it at number 3 spot. Here the aggregate of 2 hopefuls together couldn’t coordinate with the NOTA share. Just Vikram Singh of BSP oversaw 0.85% vote share, nearest to be at number 4 spot.

It was just Mandi electorate where NOTA stayed at number 5 spot. Here an all out 17 applicants were in the fight of which NOTA got 0.56% offer totaling to 5298 votes. Second behind BJP was INC, trailed by CPI (M). The solitary liberal applicant Daleep Singh Kayasth dealt with a third position with a vote offer of 1.58% (14838 vote). The fourth spot was earned by Bahujan Samajwadi party (BSP). Ses Ram the BSP hopeful got 9060 votes in this manner gaining a vote share 0.96%.

In general in the Nation very little huge change has been seen in votes surveyed for NOTA. In 2019 about 1.04% votes have been surveyed to NOTA, which in 2014 were fundamentally higher at 1.08%. Likewise for the hill state pattern that stayed much unaltered in 2019.


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