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The victory vote margins earned by BJP candidates in HP are headed towards becoming historic. Going through data never before has the BJP swept with such high vote difference (Versus its political incumbents) in all four seats of the state. “Massive wins for Himachal Pradesh,” stated Chetan Bragta, BJP- IT Cell convener of HP. Percentage wise this is highest in India for BJP,” he claimed. Shimla seat being won by 3.23lac votes. Mandi being won by 3.97lac votes. Kangra 4.66lac victory margin so far and Hamipur being swept by 3.87lac vote margin. Going by the current trend every candidate fielded by the saffron is managing a vote share of more than 60% in their respective constituencies.

The thumping 100% victory result for the BJP in Himachal Pradesh has also opened doors for the state to play a bigger role in National politics in the new central government. Union minister JP Nadda’s outrageous performance as UP in charge, is bound to be rewarded with a bigger role. Also as hinted by party president Amit Shah, Hamirpur seat winner Anurag Thakur might also be inducted into the Union ministry this time.

Besides the victory also brings cheers for the accidental chief Minister JaiRam Thakur, who now would emerge a step taller than before in the Himachal Pradesh politics. Not only that he lead the party to a 4-0 landslide victory, also safeguarded his bastion against stalwart Sukhram in Mandi while growing his roots at his home turf.

The victory of the saffron in the hill state has again reiterated the strength of the organization viz a viz its opponents. As likewise as it reflects the weak opposition displayed by the Congress. Besides these bigger margins are also reflecting the loss to the Congress due to its constant infighting in the state. BJP getting lead from Arki and Shimla rural shows that even senior political stalwarts like Virbhadra Singh were out thrown by voters in this Modi tsunami. Even Sukhram is left clueless after his grandson losing the battle by a stupendous 3.87lac margin.


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