Shimla, Dec 10
Elated Congress party made an futile attempt to bring a no-confidence motion against the Jai Ram Thakur Government on very first day of Winter Session after winning recent bye- election in the state, was rejected, failing to present required one third Members to support the motion. As the house was about to take launch break, leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri presented no confidence motion in the house which signed by 23 member.  Parliamentary affairs minister Suresh Bhardwaj seek point of order to oppose the move but speaker did not accept the same.
Speaker Parmar asked the Congress MLAs to stand up on their seat if they wanted to support the no confidence motion.  Speaker said that only 18 Members are present in the house failing to establish 23 minimum one third strength in 68 member house. But Congress legislators kept on demanding discussion on the no confidence motion but the house was adjourned for the lunch break by speaker.
Addressing media person out side the state assembly during the launch break Agnihotri said that BJP lost confidence of people as in the recent bye election Congress won all four seats. BJP burdened the common man by increasing prices of commodities, making no serious effort to create employment, no big schemes , national highways and airport was built up in the last four years and common man has rejected the BJP rule at state and centre.”
Mukesh Agnihotri said that BJP government would not want to discuss the burning issues of people in the state assembly and attempt have been made to foiled an opportunity for them to seek the important debate.
Congress recently won three Assembly seat and now the number of Congress has increased to 22 and including CPI(M) Member Rakesh Singha all 23 signed the motion should not be rejected. Vidhan Sabha Secretary Yashpal Sharma said that the motion of Congress was no- admissible according the the rule since all the required 23 or one third Members were not present physical when speaker asked them stand on their seat.


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