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Rise above political line to support cause of Rain-fury victims, states Bhawani Pathania MLA of most affected Rain deluge area

Shimla, Sept 20

In the wake of the devastating rainfury that has engulfed the state, Bhawani Pathania, Member of the Legislative Assembly representing the hardest-hit constituency of Fatehpur, has made a heartfelt appeal to all Assembly members to transcend political lines and join forces to alleviate the suffering of the rain-fury victims. The ongoing deluge, described as the most severe since the 1905 Kangra Earthquake, has left a trail of destruction with a high toll on human lives, property, and the environment.

Pathania, a legislator from the ruling party, made a compelling case for the recent tragedy in Himachal to be declared a national disaster. He began by emphasizing that a national disaster declaration is warranted when there is a significant loss of human life within the affected region. Furthermore, he argued that if there is substantial damage to the environment and agricultural lands, the Central Government should step in and designate the area as a national disaster zone.

Elaborating on this point, Pathania highlighted the benefits of such a designation. He pointed out that if the disaster-affected area is declared a national disaster zone, 90 percent of the relief funds, allocated from the Climate Fund, would come from the Center, with the remaining ten percent contributed by the state government. Moreover, if the relief funds are drawn from the Contingency Fund, the lion’s share of the financial burden would be shouldered by the Central Government. Additionally, he stressed that farmers in the affected region would benefit from loan waivers and the availability of new loans on favorable terms and low-interest rates.

In light of these compelling arguments, Pathania made a fervent plea to the Leader of the Opposition and the entire opposition to unite in support of the government’s proposal. He asserted that this unity was vital for the greater good of Himachal Pradesh and its beleaguered population, while also urging the state government to compel the Central Government to fulfill its national duty in resolving the Himachal tragedy.

Pathania questioned, “When the Leader of the Opposition, along with his party members, acknowledges the immense loss suffered by the state and everyone is clamoring for financial aid, what is the harm in supporting this resolution?”

Furthermore, Bhavani Pathania called for the swift reactivation of closed crushers in the state, provided they adhere to regulations. This move, he argued, would enable people to access the construction materials needed for repairing their damaged houses and restoring roads before the harsh winter sets in.


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