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Shimla, Dec 29

Giving rebuttal of state government’s repeated attacks on the Congress party leadership, President of Himachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal Anurag Sharma indicated seven signs or incompetency’s or blunders and unfulfilled claims of the state government, due to which they might have to bear the brunt in days to come. The Jai Ram Thakur Government is currently celebrating its third anniversary and have been attacking opposition.

Terming the Jai Ram Thakur accidently Chief Minister of the state (as the projected Chief Minister Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal in the 2017 elections lost from Sujanpur to Rajinder Rana of Congress) he said that state government performance was also casted by the shadow of seven unfulfilled claims which will cost them heavy in days to come.

1. BJP came into power citing lawlessness and financial mismanagement of the Congress government led by Virbhadra Singh. The famous “Gudia Rape Case” was given political colour by the then opposition the BJP and gross financial mismanagement allegations were alleged by the BJP. Even after three years of the present government “Gudia” has not got Justice and the convicts are still at large. The crime against women has increased and there is no stopping of Rapes and murders in the state.

2.  Double engine government as projected by the BJP when in opposition has not been able to do anything concrete in terms of unemployment or other developmental issues. The present government is run by the Bureaucrats and Jai Ram no control over the bureaucracy. Jai ram keeps on reversing his decisions under pressure or looks for the Centre to take decisions.

There is great lawlessness and the figures also speak the same. Talking about financial mismanagement the Jai Ram government has further deepened the financial crisis by taking loans and loans for payment of salaries and other developmental works in the state.

They came on the slogan for double engine government but this double engine government has not done anything good for the state but has put the state in great debt to fulfill the aspirations of their leaders by giving them expensive cars and making Chairman’s and Vice Chairman’s.

He is a puppet in the hands of Centre and the RSS. No plans for extension of Railways or the so called project of four lanes is still pending. The same condition is of the Smart City projects as the government is not able to pool in the 50% amount. The Central University campus is still the same with no development on the campuses even after inauguration. The much talked about Investors meet has not given any substantial results and the act been performed to benefit some and the cadre of the BJP for a one week holiday.

3. Corruption and nepotism charges are also being framed against the Jai Ram Thakur government. Rajiv Bindal had to resign on moral grounds as his family members were involved in corrupt practices during the Global Pandemic. In the recent development a case has been admitted against him in the Supreme Court for the wrong recruitment on Municipal Council Solan.

Another Minister Sarveen Chaudhary was in news for the corrupt practices and charges of nepotism for buying huge chunck of land at throwaway prices and using her clout as a minster to get the deals causing huge financial loss to the state as stamp duty to the govt.

4. Drug, Sand and Land mafia are openly operating in the state and there is no check whatsoever.  When in opposition the BJP used to blame the congress government for the hike in cement prices but the prices in the last three years have skyrocketed as compared to other neighboring states.

5. Jai Ram Thakur will be remembered in the state for its worst management during the Corona epidemic.  Opening borders for the wards of influential and putting at risk the life of common people will be remembered. The much talked about the Health Scam in the present government under the epidemic shows the concern of the government towards its people.

6. BJP when in opposition used to say that the Congress government is run from the centre but the same is for the Jai Ram government and is also run from New Delhi. Jairam Thakur is a mere puppet in the hands of the Centre leadership and the RSS.

7. The stopping of PDS ration during the crisis was a bad step taken by the Jai Ram Thakur government which was again changed. The Kissan Samman Nidhi of Rs 2000 which was given to the farmers of Himachal Pradesh is being asked to return back by the farmer community on the pretext of Income tax payers getting the grant.

No criteria was issued by the Central government and after the Parliament elections the farmers are being asked to refund the amount or FIR will be registered against them shows the attitude of the government towards the farmers which are backbone of economy, he added.


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