‘Litmus test’ for BJP legislature – Party asks for 3yr report cards

Shimla, Dec 29 
The ruling BJP is trying to gauge the party legislature’s individual performance. However instead of asking the Government, the party organization is putting its legislators to litmus test by asking them to go among the constituents showcasing their 3yrs report cards.
The ruling party which is remotely controlled by its mentors RSS and Sangh Parivar is now trying to put a new parameter to adjudge the individual MLAs after asking them to come up with the report cards.
Though as a matter of fact more than one fourth assembly constituencies in the State are with opposition legislators who seem to be immune of such test or report cards as ruling party organization has no say over them.
The facts and figures about government schemes and programmes are the mandate of the ministers and functionaries who have say and access to  the power but the ruling party is trying to test individual MLAs by putting them before the carts in the time of Covid Pandemic when everyone knows that state Government has nothing to show on the ground for one or more than one year now.
The decision to test the MLAs was taken by the party newly state incharge Avinash Rai Khana and co-incharge Sanjay Tandon after meeting with various party delegation at Peterfhoff recently during celebration of 3yrs of party rule in the state, party communique released on Monday said. ”Moreover party leader and incharges showed happiness with its 3yrs so called performance terming it a positive signal for 2022 assembly elections. ”  the communique mentioned.
Right or wrong decision?
“If one goes through the ruling organization and its legislatures discipline it indicates that party MLAs have themselves been complaining over their own dismal performance, showing anger against the state of party and government affairs,” political experts opinioned.
The party’s decision to present report cards may further anger the some of the MLAs over questioning their limited role when party had curbed their powers by cut sizing their discretionary grants in name of pandemic.
Besides the ruling party is not immune of charges of favour and benefiting its kith and kins.  There are a number of dissenting remarks made in last three years by the party MLAs against the top functioning of the party and Government bearing Chief Minister who openly alleged that they are helpless in front of RSS and its control on the organisations.
Their are a number of party MLAs and some cabinet ministers  blaming each other over
leveling charges of nepotism and amassing wealth. It is another thing that the party high command has succeeded in keeping unrest under check to some extent.
Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker, Former Minister and party Senior Leader Ramesh Dhawala and Narendra Bragta have shown their resentments over the ground realities and functions among the local leaders. Also read:https://himachalscape.com/pawan-rana-a-black-sheep-terms-bjp-leader-ramesh-dhawala/
State Government which also changed the portfolios of some of the ministers speaks volumes about their report cards. During the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 state Government loudly claimed the credit of number of National Highways. However the money for them was recently cancelled by the Union Government.
The way party member of parliament from Hamirpur  and Union State Minister for Finance and Corporate  affairs  Anurag Thakur raised finger over the role of Jai Ram Thakur in a public meeting to not able to settle the land transfer to the Central University of Himachal Pradesh Campus is the latest remark on the Government’s mission report. A senior Government minister was forced to come in rescue of the Chief Minister  o defend the remarks made by the union minister of state.
The State Government which is expected to present its three years report cards was not questioned by the party organization taking the alibi of Panchayat Elections. Though the State Government already declared to not immediately present the next year’s budget but people of state know that options are limited due to Covid pandemic, which exposed the state government health services forcing the Himachal Pradesh High court to suggest glaring gaps in the health administration.


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