Sirmaur’s Triple A Grade Garlic outshines Red Gold Tomato
Shimla, July 9

Fresh reports indicate that North Indian fruit and vegetable markets are experiencing an acute shortage of tomatoes, resulting in soaring prices. However, amidst this scenario, there is a positive development as the Triple A Grade Garlic from Sirmaur district has emerged as a highly sought-after vegetable, surpassing the rates of even the famous Red Gold (Lal Sona) tomatoes from Solan. While tomatoes are being sold at Rs 100 per kilogram, the superior garlic variety is fetching an impressive price of Rs 120 per kilogram in the market.

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The increased demand for garlic can be attributed to the unfortunate outbreak of a disease that has severely affected the garlic crops in the region, leading to a scarcity. The Sirmaur district, known for its vast garlic production, has witnessed a surge in demand, especially from Tamil Nadu, where garlic is an essential ingredient in many coastal dishes. Farmers from Giripar, Saindhar, and Pachhad are now benefiting from the appreciation in garlic prices and selling their remaining crops.
Unlike tomatoes, garlic has a longer shelf life, allowing farmers to store it for up to six to eight months. This provides an advantage for farmers to sell their garlic from stockpiles during the rainy season, when prices are favorable. The commission agents in Nohradhar, such as Mr. Ravinder Singh, confirm that the super-grade garlic is fetching more than Rs 120 per kilogram. The increased demand has prompted the transportation of garlic-laden trucks from Nohradhar, Rajgarh, and Solan vegetable markets to Tamil Nadu’s Baduga Patti vegetable market.
The demand for garlic, especially the Triple A Grade variety, is particularly high in Tamil Nadu, where it holds great significance in the coastal cuisine, including popular dishes like Sambher. This has made Tamil Nadu’s Baduga Patti vegetable market the epicenter of the highest-priced garlic in the region. As a result, numerous wholesalers and commission agents from Rajgarh, Haripurdhar, Nohradhar, and other vegetable markets have flocked to Tamil Nadu to meet the soaring demand.
The rise of garlic as a premium vegetable in the market presents a positive alternative for farmers facing challenges with tomato production. While tomatoes continue to face scarcity and high prices, the comparative success of Sirmaur’s Triple A Grade Garlic brings hope and better prospects for the agricultural community


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