Flash flood and landslide Strands 30 college students in Lahaul, All rescued safely

Shimla, July 9
In a incident of flash floods and landslides, a group of 30 college students traveling from Spiti to Manali found themselves stranded between Gramphu and Chota Dharra on the AEC BRO 94 RCC, NH 505 (Sumdo Kaza-Gramphu) road. The incident, which occurred on 8th July 2023, resulted in the road being blocked at various locations, making it impossible for the students to continue their journey.
The District Emergency Operation Center (DEOC) in Lahaul Spiti was promptly informed about the situation. However, due to the adverse weather conditions, it was initially challenging to dispatch immediate assistance. Nevertheless, rescue operations were swiftly organized once the weather cleared.
Thankfully, all 30 college students were successfully rescued from their predicament, ensuring their safety.
All students were travelling on a Bhawana tempo traveller. Despite the potential dangers posed by the flash floods and landslides, there were no reported casualties or injuries among the students. The rescue efforts by the authorities and emergency services proved effective in swiftly handling the situation and ensuring the well-being of those affected.
The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of natural disasters and the importance of preparedness in such circumstances. The authorities are now working on clearing the blocked sections of the road to restore normal traffic flow in the area.

Meanwhile, the met office has issued a red alert for 8 districts of the State till July 9, afternoon.


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