Suspended Congmen could have expressed regret over action to Guv : CM

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Shimla, Mar 1

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur today said that the five suspended MLAs who are protesting outside the assembly should have instead, expressed regret over the action with Himachal Pradesh Governor Bandaru Datatrya.
Addressing media persons on the assembly Thakur said that everyone is in know how, of the way opposition members tried to stop the Governor, banged his car and tried to stop the cavalcade while he was departing from the Vidhan Sabha to Rajbhavan.
” Instead of trying to drag cabinet ministers and Vidhan Sabha presiding officers into controversy the Member of assembly who were involved in the incident should have seeked apology from the Governor in time” Chief Minister said.
We have always treated Opposition members and leaders with an open heart but the way they are accusing the CM for the fisco seems that they are trying to get political mileage from this misdeed. However they would not succeed,”stated CM.
I have not gone through the sections of IPC under which they have been booked however BJP Govt do not want to create rift with the opposition members, he added. The behaviour of Cong during the Gov Address and outside the state assembly
could not be justified by anyone and people of state including media persons are eyewitnesses of the event.    
No one could take law in their hand however opposition membera were found in breach of the minimum courtesy and decency expected from them while they meet with the Guv in the public. 

Responding about the query about the blame levied on cabinet members by the Congress, The CM said opposition are free to make any statement on cabinet ministers however they should not drag Guv, Speaker and other presiding officers of Vidhan Sabha into this controversy. 


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