Those who are the first line of defense in the fighting the greatest epidemic of all times have to be completely protected. However the same was found missing at Shoghi check post which is the check in point for traffic is oncoming from Solan, Chandigarh and other plains towards GT road.

A visit to the post clearly displayed the plight of system’s preparedness for the Health worker and Ayurvedic pharmacist here. Pertinent to mention this is the area where only recently the local MLA and the Deputy Commissioner had visited. The official has been deputed here, to physically check body temperatures of all driving from outside the district/state to Shimla and beyond. “In case the temperature any is above 100 degree, then we call for 108 and send the patient to DDU hospital,” informs Desh Raj the Health worker.

The health worker on daily basis is required to check all commuters in vehicles, by physically taking their temperatures. Sometime even checking their prescription slips paper work etc, becomes part of their job . But amazingly this first line ‘Corona soldier’ who is in direct contact with many every day, and there is high likelihood that he might counter a corona positive case has not been provided PPE kit. The only gear provided to the official is a mask, sanitizer and glove.

When asked whether he was been provided PPE kit, he replied that they have some part of protective gear (like Mask, sanitizers, glove) and are relatively safe but still as a precautionary measure they practices distancing. Also when asked about the other problems he, informed that currently they do not have a proper sitting place and even the chair and tent they are provided has come through the local police team.

Though known to all is the fact that the entire Nation is facing a shortfall of PPEs and other related equipment. Yet if the first lines of defense (like the health workers in field) encounter infection in lack of equipment, not only can they spread it among others but will also then weaken the fight against COVID-19.



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