United Opposition parties to hold next meeting in Bengaluru on July 17-18

Shimla, July 3

Congress leader KC Venugopal announced on Twitter that the next meeting of the united opposition parties will be held in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, on July 17 and 18, 2023. The venue change comes after an earlier plan to host the meeting in Shimla on July 12. Congress national President Malikarjun Karge had initially announced Shimla as the venue, but it was later changed to Bengaluru to accommodate the convenience of many participating delegates.

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The first meeting of the United Opposition Parties took place in Patna on June 23, with leaders from 15 major opposition parties in attendance. Following the culmination of the previous meeting, Karge had stated that the subsequent gathering would be held in Shimla. However, the change in venue was made with the aim of facilitating the participation of more delegates.

Venugopal expressed the united opposition’s unwavering determination to defeat fascist and anti-democratic forces while emphasizing their commitment to providing a concrete vision for taking the country forward


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