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Viral ‘letter’ case, sparks debate in the HP assembly

Shimla, Sept 22

The state Assembly witnessed a debate on Friday as the issue of an alleged letter targeting a senior state government officer took center stage. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu assured the Assembly that a thorough investigation into the matter is underway and that stern action will be taken against anyone found guilty.

According to Chief Minister Sukhu, the authorship of the letter remains unknown, but during the course of ongoing investigation it was discovered to have originated from the office of MLA Janakraj. Furthermore, a worker of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has been implicated in the matter.

The Chief Minister strongly condemned the attempt to tarnish the reputation of a government officer through an anonymous letter. He emphasized that anyone with evidence of corruption should submit an affidavit to the Lokayukta for proper investigation.

CM said that if the MLA is innocent then nothing will happen to him. He said that the government would bring out the truth in this matter.

Earlier bringing up the issue on the floor of the house, Dr. Janakraj, pointed out that a person from his assembly constituency had been arrested in connection with this alleged “letter” case and the arrest was shown 24 hours later. The first time MLA claimed that had he possessed accurate information related to the letter, would have raised the matter directly in the Assembly.

Dr. Janakraj asserted that his name had been unjustly dragged into the case and questioned whether individuals could face arrest for commenting on the government’s performance. He also called for an investigation by the state government into the allegations outlined in the letter.


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