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Wet Spell to Impact Himachal Pradesh: Heavy Rainfall and Thunderstorms forecasted for 5 days

Shimla, June 24

The State of Himachal Pradesh is expected to experience a prolonged wet spell, with heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and lightning predicted over the next five days. The weather conditions are anticipated to persist until 0830IST on June 28, 2023.

According to the latest weather forecast, light to moderate rainfall, along with isolated thunderstorm and lightning, will continue in several low and mid hill districts of Himachal Pradesh in the next 24 hours. However, starting from June 24, the ongoing rainfall activities are expected to intensify, resulting in widespread rainfall across the state. During this period, heavy to very heavy rainfall spells are anticipated in the low and mid hill districts of Himachal Pradesh.

The districts likely to be most affected by isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall include Kangra, Mandi, Chamba, Bilaspur, Shimla, Solan, and Sirmaur, as well as the catchment areas of the Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, and their tributaries. Additionally, conditions are favorable for the advancement of the southwest monsoon in Himachal Pradesh during this period.

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The average maximum temperatures in the region are expected to remain normal for the next 24 hours, followed by a subsequent decrease of 3 to 4 degrees. Meanwhile, the average minimum temperatures will remain within the normal range throughout the forecasted period.

The anticipated impact of the wet spell includes disruptions to traffic and other essential services in hilly districts of the state, localized flooding of roads, waterlogging in low-lying areas, and the possibility of surface runoff and inundations in fully saturated soils and low-lying regions. Additionally, foggy conditions may reduce visibility in hilly districts, making commuting difficult. Minor damage to kutcha roads, vulnerable structures, as well as localized landslides, mudslides, and flash floods are also expected.

In light of the forecast, the authorities urge the administration and the public to take adequate safety measures. It is advised to avoid open areas during thunderstorms and lightning and to adhere to the advisories and guidelines issued by the concerned departments. Travelers should follow any traffic advisories and avoid areas prone to waterlogging problems. Furthermore, individuals are urged to avoid staying in vulnerable structures and to prioritize safety.

The authorities will continue to monitor the situation closely and issue updates as necessary. Citizens are advised to stay informed about weather updates and cooperate with the relevant authorities to ensure their safety and well-being during this period of inclement weather.


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