58.97 pc turnout in Shimla Municipal Corporation elections

Shimla, May 2

The Shimla Municipal Corporation elections witnessed a decent 58.97 percent turnout of voters. According to the data shared by the election commission, out of the total male voters, 29504 out of 49760 voters cast their vote, while 25881 out of 44160 female voters exercised their franchise.

It was interesting to note that the municipal elections saw higher voter turnout for male voters (59.29 percent) as compared to female voters (58.60 percent).

Comparing the turnout percentage of the 2023 elections with the 2017 elections, it can be observed that there has been a marginal increase in the voter turnout percentage. In 2017, the total voting percentage was 57.80, which is 1.17 percent lower than the 2023 elections.
The voters of Shimla showed enthusiasm in all 34 wards, with the highest turnout recorded in Sangti Ward, where 1,212 out of 2,105 male voters and 989 out of 1,756 female voters cast their vote. The lowest turnout was recorded in Kachchighati Ward, where only 8.64% of the male voters and 56.24% of the female voters exercised their right to vote.

In Bharari ward, 867 out of 1438 male voters cast their vote, while 732 out of 1232 female voters exercised their franchise. Similarly, in Ruldu Bhatta ward, out of 2076 male voters, 1172 cast their votes, while out of 1737 female voters, 983 females exercised their vote.

In Kaithu ward, out of 1566 male voters, 922 voted, while out of 1349 female voters, 779 women exercised their vote. In Annandale Ward, out of 1528 male voters, 906 voted, while out of 1548 female voters, 938 voted. Out of total 1294 male voters, 919 voted, and out of total 1311 female voters, 882 women exercised their vote in Summerhill Ward.

In Tutu Ward, out of 1319 male voters, 830 voted, while out of 1217 female voters, 780 women exercised their vote. In Majath ward, out of 941 male voters, 563 voted, while out of 843 female voters, 529 women exercised their vote. In Baluganj ward, out of 1113 male voters, 713 voted, while out of 1020 female voters, 655 women exercised their vote.

However, in Kachchighati ward, out of total 1515 male voters, only 8.64 percent cast their vote, while out of total 1326 female voters, 747 females exercised their vote. This low voter turnout in Kachchighati ward is concerning and highlights the need for more awareness campaigns and efforts to encourage voters to come out and vote.

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The data also indicates that female voters were more active in exercising their franchise than male voters in some wards. For example, in Upper Dhali ward, out of 1065 male voters, 728 cast their vote, while 656 out of 877 female voters exercised their vote. Similarly, in Bhatta Kufar ward, out of 736 male voters, 483 voted, while out of 684 female voters, 581 women exercised their vote.


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