Shimla, Oct 9
Opposition Congress has termed the BJP government’s announcements misleading, only a move to allure voters. State Congress President and member of Parliament from Mandi Pratibha Singh has said that on one hand, the government is relying on the whopping borrowing to meet day-to-day expenses, and on the other hand, CM is making announcements without any budgetary provisions. Displaying concern, the senior congress leader stated that the state has sunk into a debt of more than Rs 70,000 crore. In contrast, the Chief Minister is busy with election rallies and is misusing government machinery and money, which is very unfortunate. Singh also expressed surprise over the fact that the Chief Minister is taking big decisions in cabinet meetings without having any budget provisions.  She has said that everyone is aware of the state’s economic condition. Not a single penny has been given as a grant from the Center, she added.
Seeking a white paper, Pratibha Singh said that government must explain budgetary provisions for the number of announcements made by the Chief Minister. She said that the government should come clear that from where will the money come for fulfilling such announcements.
Singh said that the Chief Minister was only trying to mislead the people of the state. The BJP government has neither protected the interests of the employees nor has made any concrete policy for farmers and gardeners.  Common people are troubled by rising inflation and unemployment.  However, BJP never talks on these issues, she added. Matters like paper leaks have exposed the growing corruption in the state.  She alleged that corruption had been fully protected by the BJP government and the countdown for their government in the state has started.


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